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Focal Length- Trailer

Blake Harper, Damon Page, Josh Perez, Rick Matthews, Scott Hunter

00:02:48 minutes | October 18, 2019

Light up those cigars and get ready to celebrate, because TITAN Media has a new premiere feature, FOCAL LENGTH, directed by BRIAN MILLS and Ed Campana, two of the industrys best-known still photographers. For FOCAL LENGTH, they trade their 35mms for video cameras, transforming the supercharged images of their still photography into non-stop live action. Not surprisingly, then, the action in FOCAL LENGTH has a photographic theme, centering on the erotic adventures of shutterbug Josh Perez. The horny muscle hunk uses his zoom lens to invade the private sex lives of some of San Franciscos hottest menread more


Close Up

Leo Forte, Mack Manus

00:27:15 minutes | October 16, 2019

Stroking in the shower, muscle man Mack Manus gets distracted by the doorbell. An expired passport has him in trouble with officer Leo Forte, who eyes the huge bulge under the Frenchmans towel. “What you got going on over there?” asks Leo, a nervous Mack muttering “It’s nothing.” The officer pulls away the towel, releasing Mack’s huge boner. “That’s a whole lot of nothing,” smiles Leo, who unleashes an unforgettable suck that has his beard constantly glued to the base of Mack’s groin. The sucker is a spit factory, one amazing strand connecting Mack’s cock to Mack’s mouth after it gets transferred—Leo’s hairy chest also coated. Mack whips his dick on Leo’s mouth, the two smiling as Mack rubs the cop’s shaved head. Mack eats Leo’s hairy ass, then fucks him from behind as their hairy legs rub together. Leo gets on his back, Mack soon squirting on the bottom’s sac before Leo fires a rocket—a huge wad planted on his own more



Jarek Soldan, Luke Taylor

00:29:04 minutes | October 16, 2019

A bunch of hot guys arrive at a house party that Brian Brower and Milan Johanson are hosting in a big, multi-floored townhouse. Everyone greets each other with a peck on the cheek and the guys start the party off with a toast. Flipping on the TV, they’re soon transfixed as they watch muscular, smooth Luke Taylor and Jarek Soldan making out and banging their stiff boners together. Luke drops to his knees and sucks Jarek’s throbbing cock, getting it nice and slick with plenty of spit, and hungrily stuffs Jarek’s low hanging balls into his mouth. Jarek grabs the back of Luke’s head and drives his cock all the way down Luke’s throat to his balls, then goes down on Luke, holding Luke’s uncut cock against Luke’s six pack so he can tongue his sack. Jarek grabs Luke’s throbbing uncut dick and inhales it down his throat, then stands and continues to piston fuck Luke’s throat before blasting a thick wad of hot, steamy spunk all over Luke’s ripped chest. It’s Luke’s turn to shoot, and Jarek kneels down so Luke can blow his load, which splatters Jarek’s broad torso with sticky sperm. Luke and Jarek find a comfortable chair in another room, where Luke kneels on all fours while Jarek probes his muscular butt with a couple of fingers, then drives his tongue up Luke’s tight hole, making Luke moan in pleasure. Jarek slides on a condom, lubes up and crams his dick deep up Luke’s eager ass from behind. Jarek sits on the chair and Luke climbs on his cock, facing out, and rides up and down Jarek’s rigid meaty shaft while his own massive meat slaps against his hard abs as he’s getting fucked. Luke lies back on the arm of the chair, throws his muscular long legs over Jarek’s shoulders and strokes his cock as Jarek slamfucks his chute; Luke moans as Jarek plunges his pole up his ass and eventually shoots a huge cum load all over his own chest. Jarek yanks out of Luke’s well-used hole and blasts a hot wad of cream all over Luke’s ripped more


Folsom Filth

Patrick OConnor, Steve Trevor

00:09:41 minutes | October 16, 2019

Joe beckons Steve over to help finish him off, and jacks off on the newly-submissive Patrick. Steve flings Patrick onto his brutally-beaten back, spitting in Patrick’s mouth and skewering a thick dildo deep into his guts, punching him in the chest and shoving his fingers down Patrick’s mouth and throat. Then Patrick grabs onto the suspension bar above, and lowers himself onto the immense dildo that Steve’s got perfectly positioned for impalement. Patrick rides that monstrous fake cock, trembling with the exertion. He ain’t seen nothing yet, as Steve pulls out an even thicker dildo that Patrick plugs up his ass like a newly-minted pro he’s become. They finish off the scene with gobs of manjuice that rain down on Patrick. Patrick’s finally accepting it – and maybe even loving it – as he strokes out a load of his own. With all that he’s had to endure, Patrick’s transformation into a fetish pig bottom is inevitable and complete. He opens his eyes to reveal his terrible fate – he’s been turned into the newest dogboy, destined to serve out a life of subservience in his Masters’ underworld lair!read more


Copperhead Canyon

Bill Madison, Luke Riley, Matthew Ford

00:23:22 minutes | October 16, 2019

Officer Matthew Ford is transporting Bill Madison, a dangerous criminal, back to jail, but when he has to take a piss, he makes a stop. Theyre joined by Luke Riley, a handsome young hitchhiker. Bill steals Matthews gun and escapes, leaving Matthew and Luke tied up against each other to a tree. Matthew pops a fat boner that Luke is quick to suck down as soon as theyve freed themselves. After he shoots a load all over Lukes shirt, Matthew hungrily sucks Lukes fat cock until he sprays a big load all over the officers more