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Build Me an Angel

Aubrey Kate, Ryan Pitt

00:28:27 minutes | January 25, 2021

Angel Factory offers the exciting and affordable service of letting horny guys build themselves the perfect partner, and Ryan Pitt cant wait to take it for a spin! Ryan straps on the virtual reality helmet and gets an eyeful of the gorgeous blonde slice of heaven that is Aubrey Kate, salivating over her sexy curves and perfect package. When Ryan takes the headset off he gets to encounter Aubrey in the very real flesh, her sexy red lingerie showing off all of her assets as she seduces the horny stud. Aubrey takes Ryans cock down her throat, licking and sucking it hungrily. Ryan takes her over a chair and returns the favor, savoring the angels cock as she slides it in and out of his mouth. Aubrey bends over and lets her new lover tongue-fuck her tight pink ass before slamming his hard cock into her in the type of pounding that theyve both been dreaming of. Ryan shoots a huge load all over Aubreys face before coaxing her cum out in the type of fuck frenzy that makes it clear that this is a match made in more