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Sue 2


00:48:59 minutes | April 09, 2021

I knew I had to fuck Sue again. I have to take my chance. I could die tomorrow. So I had to meet my dearest Sue and suck her cock. I am going to buy her a condo, I will take her on a tour of the islands. I will do anything she asks, except ... I won't pay for an operation. I love Sue's cock. It pulsates in my mouth. I run my tongue over the veins. I lick between her buttocks. I dip my tongue into her tight hole. Sue was expecting me. She knew I would contact her again. She knew she would bury herself on me again. She knows what she is, and what I live for. Does Sue know about you? Why not? You can taste her cock. Watch the more


Cha Cha 1

Cha Cha

00:39:54 minutes | April 09, 2021

Fucking gorgeous, the best steamy sex I have had, Cha Cha is my dream. Soft brown skin, brown cock, brown eyes, soft and strong rippling female figure, natural tits, long legs, a fast beating heart and a devotion to me, what more do you want in a girl? She thrusts her small round bottom back on my hips, and twists her face framed with thick long black hair to meet mine, then locks her lips on my mouth. Her tongue penetrates my mouth as my penis penetrates between her firm buttocks, the perfect symbiosis of man and girl, each with appropriate and engorged penis. Life is for living, Cha Cha is life. Whatever else is right or wrong in your life, one hour with Cha Cha, every minute with her, is worth the whole of the rest of your more


Renka XXX

Renka Tsukishiro

00:27:38 minutes | April 09, 2021

DOLL LIKE cutie-pie Renka Tsukishiro is back and turning up the temperature in this steamy XXX scene brought to you by your friends at SMJ! Starring in her first ever fuck scene Renka begins with some pro head, taking her guys thick shaft to the back of her throat with ease before lifting his legs and pounding his prostate hard with her engorged girlie love tool. The fun doesn't end there however as this versatile vixen then assumes the submissive "fuck-me" and reverse cowTgirl positions, having her own tight little button hole lustfully rammed beyond belief. Cocks and cum collide in this steamy not miss this one!read more