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Chanel Santini A Relative Crush

Chanel Santini

00:20:03 minutes | December 14, 2019

Having a crush on someone who you see daily surely is painful for your feelings. Your stepsister Chanel Santini is exactly that in the newest VR porn release from TS Virtual Lovers. You just can’t stop thinking about her and every time you see her beautiful figure parading around the apartment, your heart goes mad and your penis goes stiff. Of course, it’s not just a crush, it’s also an overwhelming sexual desire. Now imagine what would you do if the shemale teenager confessed to you that the feelings are mutual? Would you go wilder than ever?read more


TS Virtual Lovers – Venus Lux Learning With Her Dick

Venus Lux

00:25:48 minutes | December 13, 2019

Did you ever think colleges in Asia are much more strict and you don’t get to have any fun while studying? Well, it’s time we break this stereotype when the tranny teenager Venus Lux becomes your classmate. Guess what, she invited you to study together, but once you find out that her dick is already stiff for you, there won’t be much learning going on anymore. This oriental shemale brunette will make this, at first innocent, get-together the experience from college you will remember the rest of your life! Just let her have sex with you instead of learning for that test!read more


TS Virtual Lovers – Aubrey’s Family Business

Aubrey Kate

00:30:54 minutes | October 16, 2019

Gather around folks, it’s time for another tale that involves a hot stepmom! This time though, it’s with a twist, since this is no ordinary hot stepmom. Not only is Aubrey Kate stunning beyond comprehension, she is also hiding a little secret under her panties. Now the rest is up to youWould you fuck your shemale stepmom Aubrey Kate in virtual reality? We expect that the answer would be more


TS Virtual Lovers – Domino Presley Spying On The Stepmom

Domino Presley

00:33:42 minutes | October 16, 2019

You always felt incredibly intrigued by your new stepmom Domino Presley. Your dad has always had a thing for quirky females, but this one is something extraordinary. Is she even a female – you are saying to yourself when you saw a bulge in her pants the other day. For some inexplicable reason, you felt strange arousal and passion for Domino. In fact, your curiosity got the best of you and you decide to spy on her when she goes to the bathroom… is this a good idea? Only time (and Domino) will tell…read more