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Masturbating the Right Way

Rosy Pinheiro

00:22:28 minutes | June 11, 2020

Rosy is a tanned, tattooed, raven haired transsexual Amazon with a firm, shapely, muscular body and a big, round Brazilian ass. She begins this solo masturbation scene erotically fondling herself before picking up a dildo on which to demonstrate her oral prowess. Then she finishes stripping to reveal some sexy tan lines framing her perfectly sculpted breasts. Laying on her back, she strokes her rock-hard beef baton while sucking the dildo and moaning ecstatically. She then bends over in doggie still jerking her steely shaft while giving us a gander of her fine, full, big round ass. Returning to lie on her back, she works the dildo up her tight asshole while passionately stroking her wonder wang, the ecstasy painted on her face as she moans and cries out in orgiastic exultation. She continues to jerk her cock and fuck her ass in doggie, moaning and howling like a bitch in heat. She goes on pleasuring her ass and cock while lying on her back again, panting, moaning, and screaming with unbridled passions as she savors the overwhelming waves of pleasure coursing through her and frenetically jerks herself off. She then moves into reverse cowgirl, bouncing her asshole onto the dildo while frantically jerking masturbating, obviously a tranny that loves to use her cock. She finally erupts in a fiery volcanic orgasm, drenching herself with a deluge of her own creamy more


Pleasure with a Huge Dildo

Fernanda Cristine

00:23:15 minutes | June 11, 2020

Fernanda’s a stunning, tattooed, tanned, toned transsexual with a mischievous smile. She starts off this solo masturbation scene fondling herself while playing seductively with a monstrous dildo. Easily aroused, she’s soon stroking her own truly awesome, mouthwatering, massive meat stick while sucking her gargantuan dildo. Her big thick savory sausage looks hard enough to break bricks with. Laying on her back, she continues to stroke her steely shaft while working the dildo up her tight, puckered bunghole. Miraculously, she takes almost every inch of this silicon horse cock up her ass, groaning in ecstasy as she fucks her asshole while stroking her wonder wang and moaning in whorish rapture. She continues to fuck her asshole as she strokes her dong in doggie, moaning and panting in sluttish jubilation. Giving us a great view of her long, shapely legs, she continues in a standing bent over position before squatting on the dildo in reverse cowgirl, bouncing on it with sluttish glee while jerking off her magnificent member until she erupts spewing a geyser of more


Stretching Out Leticia

Leticia Menezes

00:37:41 minutes | June 11, 2020

Leticia is transsexual fuck-doll that has a phenomenal, dick-stiffening face, and a body that is made for sin. After she teases two guys by demonstrating her oral expertise on a banana, the dudes decide to take her up to the bedroom to see how she will do sucking one’s trouser snake while the other licks her ass hole and pulls her rigid rod back between her legs to hungrily suck her savory sausage. When they decide to trade places, the cameraman captures her beauty with some angles that her plastic surgeon should use for an ad campaign, as she looks absolutely stunning, sucking one guys cock while the other licks and finger-fucks her asshole. With her fires fully stoked, this horny bitch needs more than a finger up her ass, so she climbs onto one of the guys’ cocks for a breathtaking reverse cowgirl, with her steely shaft pointing skyward as the other dude alternates between sucking her cock, licking her tits, and jacking off while enjoying the view. Then, deciding that two is company, he squeezes his cock into her ass to join his friend’s stick and double penetrate her pretty asshole. After a brief interlude of sucking her ass juice off of his dong, our transsexual sex goddess jumps back in the saddle in cowgirl. The sight of her beautiful ass is too much for the other guy to resist, so he moves back in to rub his dick against his buddy’s in her ass, for an anal cowgirl double penetration cramming both cocks up her tiny puckered asshole. Ready for some solitary slamming, one of the guys slips his stick into her for some serious solo ass-pounding while she jerks off her rock-hard, whopping wang. Her other friend has her suck his pecker, which eventually sends her over the top, blowing a huge load of her creamy white goo all over his belly, which causes a chain reaction as the other guy pulls out to spray his jism all over her ass, then she rolls over to suck the other one off, and he cums into her hungry more


The Nurse Knows Best

Barbara Perez

00:31:46 minutes | June 11, 2020

Barbara is a stunning, tall, slender, blond transsexual nurse. After a consulting with a patient in Portuguese, she has him strip and meet her in the treatment room, where she dispenses some rough medicine, spanking, slapping and throwing him around. That must be what you get when you have only HMO coverage in Brazil., With his hands tied behind his back, she chokes him, even putting a plastic bag over his head as she beats him with a pillow. With him helpless and vulnerable, she works various dildos into his ass while choking and beating him. Furthering, she pushes her high heel into his balls and then neck, chest and stomach before rolling him over to grind her heel into his back and ass. Having tenderized him, she strips, revealing some tasty tits and a jumbo sized Johnson that she feeds her bound patient, who sucks her dick with gluttonous relish. Deciding his condition requires more in-depth probing, with his hands still bound, she lays him on his back with legs pointing to the ceiling as she eases her weapon of ass destruction up his back alley, drilling him like a rabbit on crystal meth. Flipping him into doggie, she continues her anal assault, slamming her colossal cock up his ass like a jackhammer. She continues ravaging his ass until she explodes, spewing her jism all over his asshole. She then unties him so he can jack off all over her face, which was either part of the treatment or a tip for services more


With A Little Help From Her Friends

Janny Costa

00:19:35 minutes | June 11, 2020

Janny is a tall, intoxicating, seductive, raven haired, tattooed, transexual siren, with a passable womanly body, and magnificent pink cigar. She is is joined, by two hung studs, one black, one white, and our Fuck 6000 mechanized fucking machine. One stud gluttonously sucks her, huge cock, as she bends over stroking the other stud’s big black cock, while the 6000 fucks her mouth, unleashing her ecstatic moans. She then turns around to have the 6000 pump it’s tireless prick into her ass, while her delicious cock is sucked, with voracious hunger, as her elated, euphoric moans and sighs fill the room. Moving into a scrumptious 69, she lies under her cock sucker, savoring sucking his cock, while the 6000 relentlessly fucks his ass, as she jerks off the other’s humongous, inky black, horse cock, reveling in their impressive, debauched, coordinated carnal cavorting. Then she lies on her back, with the 6000 potently plowing her ass, while she frantically jerks off, accompanied by her lovers jacking off along side of her, as they enjoy her sexual sojourn, into ecstatic splendor, until she erupts, in a glorious, volcanic orgasm spewing her sweet nectar all over herself. Her stud’s soon follow her lead, drenching her tits, with a downpour of their creamy cum, leaving her one happy gooey more


Young and Hung

Jessica Alves

00:23:51 minutes | June 11, 2020

Jessica is a lovely, tall, statuesque, transexual temptress, with a humongous beefy tongue depressor. We begin this solo masturbation scene, with her sensually stripping, and fondling her luscious body, for our enjoyment, before she sits down, to focus on jerking off, her ginormous horse cock. She then, works a huge dildo, into her ass, while she lies on her back, in a chair, as she continues stroking her yummy cock candy. Then, she moves into doggie, followed by standing doggie, as the Fuck 6000, our piston driven, mechanical fucking machine, relentlessly drives it’s faux prick, into her ass, as she moans, with sluttish ardor. Lying back in the chair, with her legs spread wide, the 6000 continues, to plunge it’s tireless prick into her ass, while she strokes her meat stick, moaning in whorish rapture, until she erupts in a glorious orgasm, covering herself, with her own creamy more


2 Dicks for Amanda

Amanda Fialho

00:34:30 minutes | June 08, 2020

Two guys are chatting together when Amanda, a stunning transsexual with model looks, knocks on the door. She towers over both of them with her long luscious legs, firm round ass, and long blond hair, so naturally they can’t help themselves from her kissing, fondling, and wanting more. Moving to the bedroom, she dives on one’s dick, sucking it with aplomb, deepthroating it with ease while the other guy alternates between licking her asshole and sucking her impressive meat stick. The guys switch assignments before she unhinges her jaw to take both of them into her mouth for an incredible double cock blowjob. Believing in sticking together, they double penetrate her in anal cowgirl, which this wanton wench truly gets off on. Then they continue their anal assault by double penetrating her in reverse anal cowgirl as well, giving us the best views from every angle of this lascivious lovely in all her hedonistic glory. Moving on, she lays flat on her stomach while one pounds her splendid ass and the other fucks her mouth. The guy drilling her ass like a rabid hamster eventually leaves half of his load inside her while pulling out to squirt the rest all over her asshole, and the other fires a hot stream of jism into this fabulous slut’s mouth. Not to leave a lady undone, one sucks her off while the other lets her suck his still hard cock to accentuate her arousal. This superb transsexual slut then gushes a geyser of cum into his mouth for the grand more