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To come in

Tight Going In

Amanda Fontes

00:19:47 minutes | June 11, 2020

Amanda’s a randy, raunchy, blonde, tattooed, transsexual tart, with natural breasts, and a scrumptious, savory sausage. She begins this solo masturbation scene, seeming to really enjoy stripping, and seductively moving her body, for the camera, while firmly jacking off, her joy stick, to let us see her, from every angle. Her cock is so hard, that she could break bricks with it, as she really gets off, on jerking off, for her own pleasure, as much as, for our enjoyment. She then grabs a massive dildo, and after greedily sucking it, to lube it with her saliva, she aggressively pounds it into her asshole,, while lying on her back, then in doggie, moaning with impassioned ardor, as she continues, frenetically jacking off. With her motor revved, like a whore in heat, she revels, in having the Fuck 6000, our mechanical fucking machine, drive it’s mighty, faux prick, into her mouth, as she drifts off, into a cock crazed trance. Moving into doggie, then standing doggie, the 6000 drills it’s indefatigable cock, into her firm, full, round ass, with it’s relentless, one and half horse power thrusts, as she moans and howls, with unchained, bestial passions. Lying on her back, she relishes the 6000’s ongoing anal assault, as she frantically jerks off, her beefy tongue depressor, with perverse gusto, while moaning and crying out, in orgiastic exultation. She finally blows her load, in an intense, body shuddering orgasm, as she drenches her belly, with a downpour of creamy white more


2 Dicks for Erika

Erika Lee

00:31:07 minutes | June 11, 2020

In this fantasy roleplay, Erika, a gorgeous, raven-haired, tanned, toned transsexual goddess has been abducted by two beefy studs. They savagely strip her, then one shoves his cock in her mouth while the other fingers her ass and sucks her mouthwatering, rock-hard cock to set her passions ablaze. Soon, she’s doing her best to shove both cocks in her mouth at once for a double blowjob, ravenously sucking them like a nympho slut. Wanting more, she plants her sublime firm round ass onto one cock in cowgirl, moaning ecstatically as it fiercely fires into her while she sucks the other with sluttish gusto. Then, both cocks are slid into her ass at once for a sphincter stretching DAP, sending her into a moaning, squealing, screeching, dick-drunk stupor. After sucking her ass juice from their dorks, she mounts one in reverse cowgirl as the guy manically thrusts his meat missile into her, fucking her senseless before his buddy slides back in for some more double anal fucking, which catapults her into a moaning, screaming sexual delirium. Wanting to pound with more vigor, one ferociously drills his dick into her in spoon while she greedily sucks his compadre, moaning and howling like a whore in heat. While she lays on her side, one guy fires a jet stream of jism into her mouth as his partner barbarically fucks her ass, depositing a hefty creampie that she squeezes out in gusher of creamy goop. The guys then lick and pinch her nipples while she jerks off her rigid rod, spewing a geyser of goo all over her more


69 and Bareback

Nathalia de Castro

00:33:43 minutes | June 11, 2020

Nathalia’s a gorgeous blond transsexual with a smokin’ hot body. After a date leaves her at her door, she goes to shower while he sneaks in to rob her. But, hearing the shower, he decides to greet her by lying naked on her bed with a hard-on when she gets out. Liking what she sees, she sensually savors sucking his potent prick but is soon devouring it with gluttonous, wolfish hunger. He returns the favor, sucking her impressive meat stick as she’s moaning with passions inflamed and thrusting her cock into his mouth. He goes on to lick her sweet asshole before they move into a 69 for a mutual suckfest. Hard as a steel girder, she slides her stony rod into his ass, rhythmically fucking his butt with lecherous relish. Watching her exemplary ass muscles flexing to jam her prick into his ass as she does a Samba on his bunghole is a sight to behold. She continues her anal assault in spoon, driving her steely shaft into him with unremitting resolve. Switching gears, she lies on her stomach as he fucks her from behind, vigorously ramming his pecker into her with vehement zeal as she moans approvingly. Rolling her into missionary, he continues his anal assault, plowing her ass with savage fury as she jerks off, moaning in ecstasy until she fires a jet stream of joy juice all over her tummy. Putting her in doggie, he pile drives his titanic tool into ass as she moans in sluttish reverie until he pulls out spray paint her asshole with a gallon of more


A Cock in Her Ass Makes Her Hard

Julia Steinkopf

00:32:20 minutes | June 11, 2020

Julia is a sultry, raven haired, olive skinned Brazilian transsexual with very nice round, full breasts. Her man wakes her from a nap kissing and fondling her toned taunt body, and he’s soon earnestly sucking her jumbo joystick as she moans appreciatively. She returns the favor, fervently sucking his bodacious pud, much to his delight. With both unwilling to stop sucking, they get into a sixty-nine for a mutual suckfest. As Julia lays flat on her stomach, her randy stud buries his morning wood into her fine, firm round ass, pounding her as she moans in whorish rapture. He continues his anal probing in missionary, ravaging her bunghole with jack rabbit-fast thrusts as she jerks her rigid rod, moaning in a sex-drunk delirium. Julia then decides to take him for a ride in anal reverse cowgirl, bouncing on his steely shaft while jerking her meat stick, and he’s flexible enough to suck her while she rides him for some variety. Once in doggie, he barbarously pile drives his prodigious pecker into her as she moans ecstatically until he pulls out to spray paint her ass with a copious coating of more


A Dick Is Going Inside Her

Marcelle Herrera

00:32:19 minutes | June 11, 2020

Marcelle is a gorgeous dark-haired sultry transsexual with a smokin’ hot hard body, mesmerizing eyes, and a pink cigar that’s begging to be smoked. She shows up dressed as a sexy cop, playing an escort that our stud has called up. With sluttish gusto and adept oral artistry, she gives his horse cock an enviable blowjob. He in turn tongues and fingers her tight puckered bunghole while stroking her dauntless dong to fans the flames of her smoldering desires into a raging inferno, which inspires to her resume devouring his donkey dick with ravenous, whorish hunger. She delights in his gluttonously sucking her rigid rod, really getting off on fucking his mouth, which she vigorously continues when they move into a 69, shoving her cock balls deep down his throat. Wanting more, he rolls her onto her shoulders with her ass in the air, brutishly pile driving his titanic tool into her ass as she moans ecstatically. Jumping for joy, she ferociously slams her asshole onto his towering tool in reverse cowgirl as he fiercely fires it into her while she moans in whorish rapture with her mouthwatering prick pointing to the ceiling. He then pounds his prodigious prick into her in doggie while she strokes her cock, moaning euphorically in a dick-drunk stupor. She greedily sucks her ass juice from his pecker until he fires a jet stream of jism into and all over her mouth, leaving her with a big happy glazed smile on her more


A Fist, Two Dicks in Her Ass

Valerya Pacheco

00:39:35 minutes | June 11, 2020

Valerya’s a sultry, raven haired, tattooed transsexual with a killer T&A body and a tasty tool. Anxious to partake in the amorous attention of two visiting studs, she’s soon sucking the potent prick of one while the other licks her ass. Having no gag reflex, she easily throat fucks him, shoving his rigid rod balls-deep down her throat. One guy alternates between licking and fingering her ass and sucking her dork. Then she exchanges holes, sucking the other, while the guy that she was sucking now fingers her ass. Being a wanton slut, she mounts one in cowgirl while the other parks his prick in her back alley for a double anal penetration as she moans in whorish exultation. After she sucks her ass juice from one cock, a guy rams his dork into her in doggie while she sucks her ass juice off the other. She resumes her wild ride in a double anal penetration reverse cowgirl, obviously loving it. Once in spoon, one fucks her mouth and the other her ass as she moans ecstatically. She then switches dicks to opposite orifices in doggie, gobbling down one cock while the other slams into her ass, depositing a hefty creampie, which she squeezes out in a bubbling cauldron of goop. The other guy quickly replaces him, pile driving his dork into her with fury while she sucks the other off for his second orgasm. Her ass jockey deposits his own creampie into her, which also oozes out in a bubbling ooze. She then jacks off, firing a jet stream of jism into the mouth of one of her more


A Tight Spot

Sara Oliveira

00:30:08 minutes | June 11, 2020

Sara is the one of the most passable, totally gorgeous trannies that I have ever seen. I honestly thought I was looking at the wrong scene and that she was a real woman when I first started watching, until she revealed her special surprise. Her black bra, G-string, and stockings perfectly match her jet black hair. After giving her male partner a sultry blow job, he reciprocates with a nice long licking of her asshole in preparation for his anal assault, but before he does, he graciously sucks her massive cock. With her engine revved, hungering for his cock, she pushes him back to suck him until he’s rock hard, and then he begins giving her ass the fucking she craves while she lies on her side with her grand cock sticking out between her thighs. The guy stands up beside the bed so he can rail her butt all the harder. To get a handle on this horny honey, he opens her up, clutching one leg against his shoulder for better leverage as he pounds her harder still, and she strokes her ginormous tranny tongue depressor., Now on fire, she climbs on for some rodeo-worthy reverse cowgirl, bouncing for joy on his love muscle while stroking her own monstrous pleasure probe. He flips her back to a standing missionary and then over to doggie, pounding her like the alpha dog he is, until he finally cums all over her more