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Big Hard and Beautiful

Yasmin Dornelles, Luisa Tavares, Alessandra Albuquerque, Coco, Isa Oliveira, Bruna Castro, Pietra Mancini, Nicoly Evans, Marianna Araujo, Guess

02:59:57 minutes | April 03, 2021

Irrepressible director Jay Sin presents 10 scenes of feminine beauty, flashy sexuality and intriguing TS seduction. The three-hour movie's arousing solo trans action playful cock waving, butthole winking, masturbation and orgasmic ejaculations - is "Big, Hard And Beautiful." Lusty T-goddess Luisa Tavares massages her thick she-dick and shoots a milky load of cum. Thick transsexual cutie Marianna Araujo exposes her puckering asshole. Her ruby red lips quiver as she strokes herself. Asian TS Coco stuns in a hot pink leotard. She rubs her rod sensually on a black leather couch. Blonde trans chick Nicoly Evans runs her fingers along the length of her she-shaft and teases her tight sphincter. T-girl sweetheart Yasmim Dornelles flirts in sexy Santa Claus lingerie. She unsheathes her big boner and winks her anus. Asian transsexual honey Guess' erection stands straight up as she peels off her lingerie. She squeezes her bonus between her long legs, and her pink bunghole gapes! Dark-haired, hot TS Pietra Mancini's she-meat waves flirtatiously, and she rubs the head. Hung heartbreaker Bruna Castro jacks off to a creamy climax. Elegant T -temptress Isa Oliveira jerks her junk with two hands. Curvaceous trans princess Alessandra Albuquerque touches her lady penis with manicured fingers while her body undulates in more


Big Toys and Lusty TS vs TS Creampie 4k

Yasmin Dornelles, Naty Castro

00:20:24 minutes | January 28, 2021

Naty Castro and Yasmin Dornelles put on a hot TS fucking TS bareback session, ending with cum leaking from Natys well-used anus!, Both these gorgeous dickgirls are built for pleasure., They suckle each others nipples and caress full breasts., Both girls are in sexy print bra, pantie lingerie with dicks bulging from the bottoms. Yasmins HUGE cock swings from aside her panties and Naty eagerly gulps the fat cumstick., Naty impressively deep throats Yasmin getting the cock slimy with spit for bareback pleasure., Yasmin returns the favor slurping on Natys engorged cock., The girls 69 blowjob together, lapping and deep throating each others meat. Before barebacking the girls break out a couple of huge black dildos., Natys pink anus gapes with the toy thrusting in and out., Yasmin spits in her open hole and toy-fucks her fast and deep., Naty takes a ribbed black anal plug and shoves as much inside Yasmin as possible., The toy graduates in size and it almost all fits inside Yasmin. Naty is first to top, sliding her bareback tool balls deep inside Yasmin. Its doggystyle pounding with their big buns quaking with every horny thrust., But its Yasmin who wants to do the breeding and takes control., She fucks Naty in every position, with the finale being Naty cumming all over herself while Yasmin creampies her lusty fuckhole., Yasmin feeds Naty her own load, then a graphic close up of Yasmin re-inserting her cock in the creampied hole and sperm leaking out., A hot TS on TS exclusive session, only on more


Bottom Boy Creampied, Fed by 5 Tgirls 4k

Yasmin Dornelles, Victoria Neves, Thayssa Fadynha, Melissa Azuaga, Estela Duartte

00:24:06 minutes | January 28, 2021

Imagine being surrounded by 5 gorgeous TsRAW all-stars., Letting them ravish you by stretching your ass in a bareback train., Your mouth never empty, always full of throbbing Latina dick., Having them fed you sperm and unload up your satisfied asshole., This is exactly whats in store today on TsRAW! Melissa Azuga, Thayssa Fadynha, Vitoria Neves, Estela Duartte and the unforgettable Yasmin Dornalles are horny and ready in their cock-packed bikinis., The girls surround the man with their cocks out and stuff the mans mouth., The guys dick is slurped as he tastes every girls meat. The girls rub their cocks with the mans in frottage. Since theres only so many girls the man can handle at once the girls start to play with each other., Kissing, cocksucking and fucking ... all without a condom anywhere!, Just as it should be., The man is spit roasted by the girls, getting cum unloaded inside his asshole and cocks re-inserted in his messy hole., His mouth filled with hot cum and EVERYONE empties their loads., The room is scented heavily with perfume, sweat and cum., The finale is a few beauties, in the shower. Another members fantasy session, only on more


Piss Tasting Bareback Threesome 4k

Yasmin Dornelles, Raianny Duarte

00:50:33 minutes | January 28, 2021

Yasmin Dornelles and Raianny Duarte empty the balls of a lucky man and taste piss in this kinky bareback threesome., The two babes start off submissively on their hands and knees., The POV guy wants to pee before their fuck session and the girls offer their mouths for a toilet., The golden stream is shared by the girls and they gulp it down. Now in bed, the girls show off their beautiful contrasting bodies., While kissing there is Yasmin, the incredibly hung super goddess and Raianny, the mocha skin big tit fuckdoll., Both girls are into each other and happy to perform with the POV mans cock., They take turns devouring the fat cock., Raianny is especially excited when taking both the studs and Yasmins cocks in her mouth at the same time. Raianny is first to ride the bareback erection, then after tasting the dick from her ass Yasmin impales herself too., Hands and mouths pleasure while bareback dicks slide from one hole to the next., Yasmin even slides her HUMONGOUS bare pole up Raiannys backpussy., Yasmin is first to cum, then Raianny is next., The hot threesome session ends with the girls jerking the stud off into each others hungry lips and sharing the load., Their tongues swirl around the sensitive, cum covered cock., Only on more


Big Dicked Tranny Ready To Fuck Ass

Yasmin Dornelles

00:35:42 minutes | June 08, 2020

Yasmin is an absolutely gorgeous, transexual goddess, with very passable look, great T&A body, long, raven black hair, and a humongous joy stick. Her lucky stud, dutifully sucks her ginormous dinosaur dick, to ignite her lecherous longings. She then, sensually sucks his savory sausage, while jerking off, her horse cock, before zestfully pounding it into his ass, bareback, in doggie, as he moans elatedly. Seeing the muscles of her, divine, firm, round ass flex, as she brutishly thrusts, her massive meat stick into him, is a mesmerizing sight to behold. Sitting him in a chair, with his legs spread, she gives him a heavenly blow job, before barbarously pummeling his ass, with her titanic tool, sending him into a moaning, whimpering dick drunk revelry. Returning to standing doggie, he rests one foot, high on the wall, giving us a great view, of her gargantuan pleasure pole, being vehemently slammed into his ass, as he moans ecstatically. Then, laying him on his side, on a table, she stands before him, fervently pile driving her donkey dick, into his ass, with machine gun like, rapidity and intensity, as he moans in whorish rapture. Watching him squat, with a foot on two different chairs, as she stands behind him, ferociously thrusting her colossal cock, into him, at a mile a minute, with savage fury, is a jaw dropping sight to behold. Having had her fill, she sends a gusher of goo, spewing into his mouth, then enjoys watching him jack off, until he, blows his load, all over his more