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Dirty Towels

Lance Hart, Foxxy

00:44:33 minutes | January 25, 2021

Whos that Foxxy lady taking a shower? Hunk daddy Lance Hart is very curious about the goddess perfect curvy ass and her yummy dick, but being married to Foxxys sister, its "paws off"! Unless its not? Lance catches Foxxy off guard in the laundry room, taking off her shirt. Her big boobs attract the horny guy and next thing you know, his dick is out, thrusting Foxxys hungry throat. Some call it adultery, others call it a sloppy blowjob. They almost get caught by the cucked wife, but that doesnt stop them. Foxxy bends down and has Lance rim her asshole with his agile tongue. Her pleasure hole is ready to get banged by Lances thick dick. She moans as he fucks her deep, and pounds her prostate. What a bad surprise for the wife when she comes in the room, only to find Foxxy on her knees and panting, splattered with Lances hot more


Lets Bang the Babysitter

Veronica Avluv, Lance Hart, Natalie Mars

00:29:28 minutes | January 25, 2021

Natalie Mars is on another boring babysitting job, but when she stumbles on a sex tape the couple that hire her made, she whips out her tgirl cock and starts stroking it, right there in the living room! Lance Heart and his wife, Veronica Avluv, come home earlier than expected, but what they didn’t expect is them fucking on the big screen. There is no way Natalie is getting off the hook that easy! With Veronica sucking her big dick and fingering her tight booty as Lance plays with her perky, little tits – this is a punishment Natalie has been waiting for! But an ass full of Lance’s big dick as Natalie licks her wet pussy is all the anal retaliation Natalie will more


Lick It Up

Natassia Dreams, Lance Hart

00:34:38 minutes | January 25, 2021

When Natassia Dreams sees just how tightly wound her new cleaning client is, she decides to have a little fun. Wiggling her hot little ass in her air and drenching herself in soapy water, Natassia Dreams puts on an unforgettable show for Lance Hart. Can she convince him to loosen up a little and get messy?read more


Like Magic

Lance Hart, Alisia Rae

00:30:36 minutes | January 25, 2021

Alisia Rae is a magician with an incredible new act thats sure to leave at least one audience member gasping. For her first trick, the sweet Latina pulls Lance Hart from the adoring crowd and makes him disappear, but (the perfect hostess) she quickly joiread more


Neighbor Gets a Mouthful

Lance Hart, Shiri Allwood

00:28:06 minutes | January 25, 2021

When Lance Hart finds his neighbor’s car keys in her driveway, he just wants to be a good Samaritan and return them. It’s not his fault that he catches his neighbor Shiri Allwood in the middle of a sensual self-love session! Can you blame him for staying to watch? But all-natural beauty Shiri isn’t feeling as forgiving. When she catches Lance peeping, she gives him a piece of her mind and a view of her cock. Lucky for Lance, once she knows that he’s selflessly trying to return her keys Shiri’s heart softens and her dick hardens. Watch as she invites Lance to join her steamy Jacuzzi session and gives up her ass in more


Our Babysitters Butt

Lance Hart, Miran

00:29:58 minutes | January 25, 2021

Lance Hart and his wife have hired a cute little babysitter by the name of Miran. She seems innocent enough, but one day Lance comes home to find Miran playing with her dick! Miran has no idea shes been busted, until Lance has her blindfolded and ready to play with his hard cock!read more


Relaxation by Stimulation

Chanel Santini, Lance Hart

00:28:35 minutes | January 25, 2021

Lance Hart hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in ages. When Lance’s wife takes him to The Sleep Spa for a stress relief treatment, Chanel Santini, the Relaxation Coordinator, suspects that Lance’s trouble has something to do with his frigid wife denying him pussy on a regular basis. Chanel recommends the “Blissful Night” treatment, otherwise known as Chanel fucking Lance’s brains out once his wife has fallen asleep! Gorgeous Chanel gives it to him so good that he can finally get a good night’s more


Roommate Wanted

Lance Hart, Korra Del Rio

00:29:18 minutes | January 25, 2021

All Korra Del Rio needs is a new roommate…but for this leggy brunette, the question isn’t what she needs, it’s what she wants. Korra sets up a showing and has two guys to choose from: one put-together professional and one dirty little freak. When sexy tgirl Korra decides she wants to play a game of hide-and-fuck-me for the right to be her roommate, Lance Hart, a cocky nympho with a big dick to back up his big mouth, jumps at the opportunity. Will Lance’s sucking and fucking skills be good enough to win?read more


Woman on Trial

Lance Hart, Janelle Fennec

00:35:00 minutes | January 24, 2021

Its plain to see that Janelle Fennec wouldnt hurt a fly. When her husbands found dead on their living room floor, detective Lance Hart assumes that she must be the culprit. Janelle is quick to explain that shes just been the victim of a misunderstanding and offers to show Lance just how sweet and accommodating she can be. Lance fucks the long blonde-haired Janelle while she begs for more, riding his cock all over the kitchen until Detective Lance has blown his load and finally gets to the bottom of the more


Wonder Woman: A XXX Trans Parody

Chanel Santini, Lance Hart

00:37:04 minutes | January 24, 2021

Chanel Santini and Lance Hart star as Princess Daiya and Stan in TransAngel’s first parody! When Amazon Princess Daiya finds soldier Stan stranded on the beach of her island paradise, she learns that the world is in danger. As Wonder Woman, Daiya embarks on her mission to save the world from the greatest threat of all: Eros and the forces of unresolved sexual tension. With the help of hunky Stan, she sets off on her mission. However, they are sidetracked from their mission before they can reach their destination… After all, sometimes the biggest, throbbing, most urgent threats are the ones that are closest to more