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Revenge of the Cake Woman

Johnny Hill, Korra Del Rio

00:41:41 minutes | November 21, 2021

For Korra's first anniversary with her boyfriend, she's enlisted the help of her best friend, Cydel, to assist her with a sexy surprise. Cydel is making a bowl of her delicious icing as Korra prepares to stick her bare ass through a hole in the middle of a table. Cydel covers Korra's booty with sugary frosting and whipped cream when Cydel's boyfriend, Johnny Hill, shows up early to pick her up! He sees the iced butt on the table and thinks its an actual cake so when his girlfriend isn't looking, he sneaks a taste of the booty cake! His licks feel too good so when Johnny hears his moaning coming from under the table, he investigates. He's surprised to see his girlfriend's best friend bent down under the table with her booty through a hole, but that doesn't stop him from diving further tongue first into Korra's ass-cake and eventually, injecting her ass with his own cream!read more


Fucking The Self Sucking Besties

Skylar Snow, Johnny Hill, Casey Kisses

00:34:46 minutes | November 21, 2021

Casey Kisses and Skylar Snow are making out quietly in the kitchen, trying their best to not get caught, but they're wild with lust for each other's hot bodies. Skylar lowers Casey's camisole and sucks her nipples as her hand explores the tgirl's crotch when all of the sudden, they hear Johnny Hill coming! Casey quickly covers her breasts as the horny redhead falls to her knees and gives her a rimjob right under Johnny's nose! Johnny takes his tattooed girlfriend to bed, but that's not enough to stop naughty Skylar though. She waits for the right moment and makes her move. The ladies engage in a sexy session of 69 when Johnny wakes up but doesn't realize his naked girlfriend isn't alone because he blindfolds himself with a pair of Skylar's panties! He soon finds out there's two naked chicks in bed as he's feeling up the busty redhead's chest and Casey slips her cock into his ass! Johnny's in for a morning surprise - a very sexy threesome with Casey Kisses and Skylar Snow!read more


Fake Fur, Real Sexy

Johnny Hill, Lianna Lawson

28mn 43s minutes | September 15, 2021

Lusty Lianna Lawson is obsessed by faux-fur and has just acquired a new coat. She's so excited by its fabric that she decides to put up a show for her boyfriend, Johnny Hill. She lives her faux-fur fantasy, wrapped up in her cozy coat and lingerie, touches and teases herself, exploring the sexy possibilities of fur. Soon enough, aroused Johnny can't help but join her for some intense more


Black Widow And The Fatal Fuck

Johnny Hill, Jenna Gargles

25mn 49s minutes | September 15, 2021

Glamourous, glitzy Jenna Gargles has a dark secret: She's a notorious black widow who marries wealthy men only to kill them and move on with their money in tow. Today is the day she intends to kill off her current husband, and her plan is simple: put a couple drops of poison on her dick for her husband to lick up. After the horny butler Johnny Hills falls for her delicious cock, a series of events ruins her more