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My First Happy Ending

Daisy Taylor, Johnny B

00:28:09 minutes | January 25, 2021

Trans goddess Daisy Taylor is a prized college athlete living in the shadow of her overbearing mother. The free spirited party girl just wants to go out with friends and have fun, but her mother insists she rest up and recover from her rigorous training schedule with a thorough sports massage. Miss Taylor surrenders and decides to do things her moms way... or so she says. When she realizes that her masseur, Johnny B, is hot as fuck, she decides to have a little fun with him. Johnnys hands can go wherever they want, but more importantly, Johnnys dick can pound Daisys hole as much as more


Unplug It

Aubrey Kate, Johnny B

00:31:39 minutes | January 24, 2021

Shower time is sacred to the beautiful blonde babe Aubrey Kate. Theres nothing she loves more than getting fresh and frothy under a stream of hot water, enjoying every second of rubbing and teasing her perfect body in her precious private moments. You can imagine that when she discovers that her newly installed shower head isnt working AGAIN shes furious. She calls in a big burly plumber, Johnny B to help with the problem, but when he catches a glimpse of the pretty pink butt plug tucked into Aubreys ass hes a lot more interested in her than her shower. The feeling is mutual as Aubrey spies on the plumber, stroking herself as she watches him fantasize about her. Soon Johnnys got Aubrey bent over in the shower, oiling and teasing her tight ass before giving her mouth a thorough working over with his long hard cock. Aubrey drools hungrily over Johnny deep throating him over and over to lube up his dick before he slides it all the way into her. Johnny pounds Aubrey in the bath, working her into a frenzy before blowing his thick load all over her face while she licks his balls in this steamy, sexy shower more