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Serving Your Ass to Her Cock to Spring Yourself from Jail

Jaquelin Braxton, Mike Panic

00:40:31 minutes | March 30, 2021

Mike is locked up on a misdemeanor that got messy when he lipped off the cops. His lawyer is sitting silent in front of him and will not answer any of hes panicked questions. When she finally does respond, her answer is completely baffling. "Kiss. My. Feet." she commands.In a stressful situation where authority has complete control over what will happen to you, you will do anything to get away. And anything can go a long way when its hard body, mega-hottie, Jaquelin Braxton.Jaquelin makes Mike do more than just worship her high heels. She pulls his jumper off to reveal his boner that is so rock hard it bounces with the pull of the fabric off his body. She sucks his cock and teases him with a sexy strip tease that shows off not only her big tits, banging body but her own hard, thick cock.In one of the hottest sex scenes, Jaquelin fucks Mikes ass all over the interrogation room desk until his cock spurts cum and she explodes her own huge load all over more