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Itty Bitty Jerk Off

Goddess Jamie Valentine

00:06:20 minutes | October 16, 2019

A pathetic loser like you was put on this earth for one reason. Your sole purpose for existence is to worship your mighty goddess. You fail at life in every single way from your inadequate itty bitty cock to your mediocre income and meaningless existence. You can barely keep your highness satisfied but somehow today I pity you. Your such a worthless unimpressive sissy locked away in chastity for who knows how long. You look ridiculous in your cage panting like a pitiful dog waiting for your opportunity to finally spill your disgusting filth. Be grateful that today your time has finally come to be Released from your cage. Go ahead loser admire all of my perfection. Pull out your micro cock and stroke for me..submit to your deepest desires. Praise every inch of your superior goddess from my the embellished black leather corset tightly wrapped around my curvy body to my shiny lace nylons encasing my long toned legs and my irresistible 8″ translucent platform stripper heels. Its so difficult to hold back your imminent eruption isn’t it? Don’t fight the urge to explode for your goddess. We both know its a futile attempt that will only end in disappointment. I own you and every one of your orgasms and you may cum only once I give you permission. Get ready for your count down bitch. Make sure to obey my commands or suffer the consequences.MP4 * 555 MB * 00:06:20 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Onlineread more