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Emma Rose, Daisy Taylor, Dante Colle

00:51:17 minutes | January 02, 2022

I hung out with Dante Cole and Daisy Taylor, and we had a super chill time, just like good friends do... giggling and cracking jokes in the midst of sucking each other's cocks and eating each other's asses and of course Daisy and I took turns taking Dante's sexy cock, more


Daisy Taylor And Soldier Boi!

Daisy Taylor

00:23:00 minutes | December 07, 2021

Daisy Taylor is back! This girl just cant stop and we just cant get enough of her! She returns on TGirl Pornstar in a hot hardcore scene produced by Buddy Wood and co-starring Soldier Boi! This has to be hot as hell! Always horny and eager to get her sexy ass fucked hard, Daisy cant wait to feel Soldier Bois hard dick deep in her tight hole! Watch Soldier Boi fucking beautiful Daisy in various positions until he cums all over her super cute face! She LOVED it!read more


Frisk Me, Fuck Me

Daisy Taylor, Emma Rose

00:25:32 minutes | November 21, 2021

What does naughty Daisy Taylor need to do to get a sexy airport security agent’s attention? Apparently, it has to be something drastic because setting off the metal detector with her bejeweled butt plug up her bum wasn’t enough to do the trick. The determined brunette takes it up several notches by putting her flexibility to the test and squeezes herself into her small luggage so she could get herself close enough to Emma Rose's work pants and suck on her wand. But just as things were heating up between them, an airport passenger catches the hot blonde balls deep in Daisy's asshole! How will they handle this passenger so Emma doesn't lose her job and more importantly, will Daisy ever get to cum?!read more


Cuckold Casino

Jay Tee, Daisy Taylor

00:24:28 minutes | November 21, 2021

A famous serial card cheat uses the stunning Daisy Taylor to divert the croupier's attention while he tries to rig the blackjack game he's playing. The croupier's too busy staring at the delightful Daisy having fun on the cheater's lap to notice any wrong-doing, but Jay Tee, the security guard, caught the misdemeanor on cam. He arrests both the innocent Daisy and her ill-intended husband. Daisy's shocked! Her hubbie's a dirty cheater? Being handcuffed with him won't stop her from fucking the security guard. Maybe a little cucking session will put her mischievous husband back in his place!read more