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Teen Newbie Bruna Uses The Fuck Machine

Bruna Aylla

00:22:04 minutes | June 08, 2020

Bruna’s a young, sultry, blonde, tattooed transsexual delight, with a bodacious back side, small natural breasts, and a scrumptious piece of cock candy. She begins this solo masturbation, with a teasing striptease, with lots of ass twerking, before moving on, to relish sucking a large dildo,, then working it into her ass, while jerking off her rock hard, savory sausage, as she moans elatedly. She then, screws the dildo back onto the Fuck 6000, our mechanized fucking machine, having the 6000 vigorously fuck her mouth, as she sucks her ass juice off of it. Then, crouching in doggie, she has the 6000 relentlessly drill it’s silicon prick, into her ass, starting slow, then continually cranking it up, until is pounding her ass a mile a minute, as she revels in it’s one and half horse power pounding, while moaning ecstatically. Giving us a gander of her long legs, she stands up, with the 6000 continuing to pummel her ass, then she lies on her back, frenetically jerking off, with fiery fervor, with the 6000 continually driving, it’s faux prick into her ass, until her cock finally releases it’s sweet nectar, all over more


Bruna Ayala Uses A Dildo

Bruna Aylla

00:20:04 minutes | June 02, 2020

Bruna’s a big, buxom, tattooed, blonde transsexual seductress, with a meaty surprise. After a titillating striptease, she sits back, goading us, as she firmly jacks off, her sizable, savory sausage, while waving her cock at us, tauntingly gesturing, for us to crawl, to her, in order to, worshipfully, savor sucking her delicious dick, with a wicked smile, on her face. Then, she picks up a huge dildo, which she relishes sucking, while she jacks off, to showcase her oral expertise, while arousing her sluttish libido. She then, bends over, in standing doggie, as she fucks her firm, round ass, with that impressive dildo, while groaning euphorically. Sitting the dildo, on a table, she impales her asshole onto it, in a reverse cowgirl, then cowgirl, while she frenetically jacks off, her massive, meat stick, as she spiritedly bounces her ass, onto the dildo, moaning and crying out, in sluttish exultation. Then, she lays back, on the chair, with her legs spread wide, vehemently fucking her ass, with the dildo, as she frantically jerks off, her prodigious prick, groaning ecstatically, until she spews a geyser of goo, all over herself, for an intense more


Threeway Anal Barebacking

Bruna Aylla, Vitoria Neves

00:42:25 minutes | June 02, 2020

Bruna’s a voluptuous, tattooed, blonde transsexual temptress, with a fat, pink cigar. Victoria is an alluring, sultry, brunette, tattooed, transsexual nymph, with a very, impressive member. Our T-girls amorously kiss and fondle one another, before moving on, to earnestly licking assholes. Then, they take turns gluttonously sucking her their stout shafts, with rapacious avarice, verve, and adept, oral virtuosity, while moaning appreciatively. Having electrical trouble, they seduce the electrician, feeding him, their tasty tools, while expertly sucking his, filling the room, with their rhapsodic moans of ecstasy. With Bruna in doggie, greedily sucking his dick, Victoria brutishly fucks her ass, with dominant zeal, while spanking her hard, eliciting her moans and yelps, of impassioned ardor. Then Bruna slams her beef baton into him, in standing doggie, while Victoria strokes his cock, driving him into a moaning, groaning dick drunk revelry. Next, they move into a reverse DP, with Bruna fucking him, while he fucks Victoria, so that he does not know, if he is the fucker, or the fuckee, as he moans decadently, in a cock addled delirium. With her passions set ablaze, Bruna assertively plows her meat stick into him, in missionary, while he sucks off Victoria, moaning in 7th heaven, depraved euphoria, as he frantically jerks off, all over his belly. The girls then, drench him, with a monsoon of cum, raining down, into his mouth, and all over his face, leaving him happily, glazed and more


Anny Kelly Close Bruna Aylla

Anny Kelly Close, Bruna Aylla

00:31:04 minutes | October 16, 2019

ANd we got our lovely Anna Kelly back into TS ON TS action. She want be here doing great performances pleasing our customers facing all kind of challenges we have to offer her. In this new scene we also introduce hot and horny newbie Bruna Aylla that ll be a fine surprise. WE are always looking for superb new talents that have right look and actitude. This Bruna is exact what we need, daring, cute and shameless. This pairing works really well and ll make you felas happy and horny in right dosesread more