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Reena – locking milking bra


00:09:10 minutes | June 02, 2020

Remember our new young Indian HuCow Reena? She was captured from her normal life to be transformed into a HuCow slave girl, and it all happened very fast! She needs to be trained and milked daily now, and people often ask us what is the best way to actually extract milk from udders. It is not (as you may expect) the most powerful machines, but it is the double breast pump. This device is not easy to handle, it can be very challenging at the higher levels with its changing milking patterns. Any mother can tell you this is a very exhausting process. But it’s effective! Even on such a new young HuCow, we got a tiny bit of milk! Reena is not there yet, but this is a very promising start!read more

Schoolgirl Snitch: Natalie Mars Punished and Fucked by Headmaster

Natalie Mars, Dale Savage

00:48:29 minutes | June 01, 2020

When goody-two shoes Natalie Mars rats out her classmates to Headmaster Dale Savage, she expects to be rewarded. Little does she know, Dale doesnt take too kindly to tattletales telling him how to run his academy. He bends Natalie over the desk, pulls down her white panties and spanks her cute little ass with a wooden ruler and with his big hands until its rosy red. Natalie squirms as Dales strokes get harder and harder. After her spanking, Dale inspects her cock and slowly unbuttons her shirt, revealing her perky pink nipples. Hes been waiting the whole year to get his hands on these. Natalie moans as he feels her up and squeezes her tits. He tells her to touch his cock before making Natalie kneel before him so he can rub his cock all over her face. Next, Natalie is naked, gagged and bound with a device crushing her balls. Dale puts nipple suckers on her nipples and adjusts them so Natalies nipples get big and puffy. Natalie moans as her Headmaster has his perverted way with her. He puts clothespins along her body and uses a leather slapper on her sensitive bits. As her cock grows, Dale teases her and tells her its okay because hes excited too. He strips, revealing his hard cock, and rubs it on her body. Finally, he frees Natalie and tells her to get her hole ready for him. He moans as he sinks into her tight ass and enjoys the sight of young Natalie beneath him. Having her Headmasters hard cock in her ass does turn Natalie on and soon shes begging him to fuck her. Dale pounds her tight hole and soon cums all over her pretty tattletale more

Hybristophilia: Transporter episode 1

Hazel Hypnotic

00:32:27 minutes | June 01, 2020

The janitor cleans many warehouses but there’s only one that he fantasizes about. He calls the people he works for “freaks” but he’s starting to realize he’s really a “freak”, himself. Last week she was in this cage, but this time her head is locked between the cage bars and a metal head harness (branks, scolds bridle) holds her mouth agape. He cannot resist this improvised cunt hole. It will have to do for he cannot ply the slither tube. It is plugged shut and padlocked by a contraption with petals that are cranked wide inside her love hole (Pear).read more

Rogue Adventures #40

Britney Bitch, Angel Cortez

00:37:16 minutes | June 01, 2020

Britney Bitch is an adorable Brazilian teen with a taste for the wild side of sex. When this all-natural girl meets older t-girl Angel Cortez, its lust at first sight! Young Britney worships Angels throbbing lady-cock, and gets on all fours for a perverse ass-fucking from the tall transsexual. Angel tastes her new friends pussy, and finally delivers the kinky cutie a mouthful of gooey more

TS Playground #12

Izabelly Marquesine

00:15:29 minutes | June 01, 2020

Pretty-faced cutie Izabelly Marquesine emerges from the pool revealing a naked, shapely butt and bouncy, uncut dick. Shes young, still wearing braces, but hung. The hot transsexual masturbates to big, beefy hardness and bounces her boner with no hands. Izabelly teases the camera, spreading her ass and showing off huge meat from behind. She fucks a jack off sleeve and then reclines by the pool on a chaise longue to masturbate in earnest. Pretty Izabelly shoots her load onto her pierced more

Welcome, Diamondly!


00:09:46 minutes | June 01, 2020

This 19-year old girl has been brought to our facilities to receive further training. Yes, she has already been trained before, but her owner wants her to transform into a real HuCow. Bigger udders, bigger teats, proper training in obedience, and getting used to procedures. Our intake is quite harsh for such young girls, and Diamondly was scared out of her mind. Our assessment room is equipped with all the necessary gear that will get her started in her new life as a HuCow. She was chained to the bed and fitted with nipple suckers to prepare her. Then the pink pumping bra came out, her udders got oiled up, and Diamondly had to deal with the horror of having her udders pumped to triple the size. Unfortunately, she will have to get a lot of sessions before we can return her, but she is still young so she has a lot of time to become a good HuCow!read more

She-Male Idol: The Auditions #05

Britney Colucci

00:26:06 minutes | June 01, 2020

Femme blonde t-girl Britney Colucci dances in a flashy pink bikini, heels and fishnet stockings ... with her uncut she-dick dangling from black panties. Muscular Tony Lee sucks her tan-lined titties, hard prick and ball sac as she whimpers. They mouth-kiss, and then Britney shows what a sensual cocksucker she is. Tony rims her ass lewdly from behind and then porks it doggie-style. He plows her tightly gaping asshole with her leg up on his shoulder. Her big, oiled butt cheeks sway as she rides meat. Britney jacks jets of jism from her curved cock, then jacks Tonys cream onto her tongue. Jism drips from her braces!read more

TS Playground #19

Hanna Lee, Spencer Fox, Tongta

00:42:04 minutes | June 01, 2020

Stunning young babe Hanna Lee and slender transgender Tongta are two sensuous Bangkok beauties with a special way of welcoming handsome foreign boys, like Spencer. They each blow the lucky white guys big cock and fuck in various positions. After these cuties have taken a ride on Spencers pole (and Hanna tastes him ass-to-mouth), the kinky stud sprawls facedown to let Tongta drill his manly bunghole with her stiff she-cock. Finally, both Tongta and Hanna stroke him to a gooey more

TS Playground #19

Johnny Okay, Donut, Neth

00:36:10 minutes | June 01, 2020

Sweet, young Thai transgenders Donut and Neth like posing in front of a mirror and playing with each others stiff she-dick. Tattooed stud Johnny Ok cant resist these petite TS lovelies; he eagerly sucks their erect members, enjoying a sensuous double blow job in return. Before long, the lucky dude and his adorable t-girl companions are butt fucking in every combination, including a lewd anal daisy chain with Donut in the middle! Pretty Neth gets splattered in a cum-spewing more