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Lewd Supervillain Victories: The Bizarre Bondage Bitch

Amilia Onyx, Skylar Snow

00:21:42 minutes | May 12, 2020

Wondrous buxom beauty Amilia is Lady of Light (or LOL), a ninja-like superheroine who is pure of heart and mind and sometimes encounters some very unsavory adversaries, including a certain notorious fetish supervillain called The Bondage Bitch (BB)! LOL sneaks about and when she thinks the coast is clear she makes her way to the door and picks the lock with ease. Once inside she commences with the snooping, looking about as we get to gaze at her sexy body with her prodigious cleavage and nice posterior. Behind her though lurks a rather strange looking being indeed, The Bondage Bitch! She has a mask that covers her face while her body is clad in a body harness with a strap-on flapping about as she moves towards LOL. Then before LOL knows what's happening she is blasted with a lesbian aura that turns her from a straight superheroine into a slowly lustful lesbian (the process takes time so it's not immediate, but something is definitely going on!). As LOL shrinks back, BB moves towards her, reaching out and groping her all over. BB quickly moves LOL to a couch where she binds the weakened superheroine and then ballgags her. Seemingly mute, BB says nothing, but does a lot of grunting that signify she is pleased at how things are going! BB removes LOL's high heels as well as her own and engages in some foot fetish play. Both girls are pantyhose clad and their feet end up being worshiped and rubbed against each other's face's and bodies. Then BB applies a blindfold over LOL's pretty eyes, lubes up and penetrates LOL, who is shocked as the strap-on is used to complete her transformation. BB appears to enjoy herself (hard to tell with the mask on!) as LOL makes muffled gag sounds. Once BB is done, she figures that LOL is now ready to serve her. While it does appear that LOL is different, she's not quite where BB would like her to be as she rips the mask off BB's head and sees that BB is tapegagged underneath! Really weirded out, she gasps while still ballgagged herself and grabs BB and throws her onto the couch. Feeling a bit recovered, LOL binds BB and then fondle her a bit before taking her strap-on and using it on BB herself! Something has indeed changed though as LOL proclaims afterwards that she is now The Bondage Bitch!read more

13 Man Creampie, Swallowing Gangbang

Hanna Rios

01:16:47 minutes | May 11, 2020

Natural titty Hanna Rios has her gaped asshole and velvet throat flooded with the cum of 13 hung and horny men! It's a never ending flow of men filling Hanna's backdoor and mouth with multiple dicks. Hanna is a greedy Tgirl as she devours keeps all the men for her insatiable more