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Patti Pleases Two Men


00:52:49 minutes | June 26, 2020

Slim, blonde Ladyboy Patti, wearing an orange miniskirt and halter top, enters the room where a man sits on the sofa in only a towel. She pushes aside the towel and deep throats his big boner. They take her skirt off, then she goes back to her blow job. Patti turns around and offers her ass to him. He smacks his dick against her butt cheeks, slaps her ass, then removes her white panties. He has her sit down while he stands and pours cold water on her shirt. After more oral sex, Patti gets naked and rubs his cock on her nice, soft tits. He puts her on her back and pushes his cock against hers, sliding his foreskin over hers. Another man joins them, feeding his cock to Patti. More close up foreskin play follows. Now Patti is face-fucked while she strokes the first man’s cock. They go the other room and Patti gets on all fours on the bed. Both men finger her butthole, then take turns fucking her with long, red dildos, even pushing both in simultaneously. The men lie on their backs and Patti kneels between them, stroking and sucking their cocks. One man stands behind her and starts fucking her as she continues blowing the other guy. Patti steps over the first man and sits on his cock with the other dick in her mouth. Now that guy moves onto the bed and sucks Patti’s cock while he jacks off. Soon they put her on her back and one man fucks her ass while the other fucks her face. Patti masturbates, boobs bouncing. After a while, one man lies on his back and Patti hops on his prick, the view focused on her lovely ass. The other guy stands on the bed with his dick in Patti’s mouth. They turn her around and the guy fucks her hard from below in a reverse cowgirl. The other man squeezes and licks her tits. They roll her into missionary position and go on indulging their lust. Back to doggie style, one man soon blows his load all over her face. The guy fucking her finally gives her a nice cream more


Nam Goes Both Ways


00:18:44 minutes | June 26, 2020

Long and lean, blonde Ladyboy Nam is on the bed sucking her man’s cock. He returns the favor, licking her balls and asshole as well. He gets on his knees and does a little face fucking before they switch to 69. He sits back on her face and strokes both cocks while she licks his butthole. Now he moves between her legs and lubes up her asshole with his tongue. She rolls onto her side and he rubs his dick between her ass cheeks. They change positions and he spreads his leg wide, inviting Nam to fuck him. She happily obliges, humping away while he jacks off. They switch again and now he fucks her from behind as they lie on their sides. He rolls on top of her and picks up his pace. Soon he gets on his back and she sits on his dick briefly before going back to fucking him doggie style. They switch it up again, and he’s fucking her hard in missionary position. Finally he pulls out and ejaculates. Nam licks his dick more


Arty Makes Him Cum


00:20:57 minutes | June 26, 2020

Blonde cutie Ladyboy Arty does a striptease for her lover who is lying naked on the bed. She slaps her ass, squeezes her soft titties and rubs her shecock through her panties. Finally naked, she strokes her dick to hardness. She gets on the bed and caresses her cock against his while he caresses her body. Now she puts his cock between her butt cheeks, gently moving her hips back and forth as she masturbates. She lies down between his legs and sucks and licks his cock, pressing it between her tits. Jerking his dick fast and hard, Arty soon spills his cum on her tits. She takes a sensual shower and then gets more




00:17:55 minutes | June 26, 2020

Blonde beauty Ladyboy MiaMaffia in black bra and panties wiggles her cute bubble butt for her lover lying on the bed. She moves between his legs to suck his cock with the camera focused on her face. She does a strip tease, revealing nice, firm tits, then goes back to sucking his big uncut cock. Now she straddles him, sinking down onto his prick, and he pounds her fine ass. He stands and leans her over the bed for more fucking. MiaMaffia matches his rhythm, banging her hips against his. They lie down on the bed and he enters her from behind, giving us a view of her sexy, tattooed body from head to toe. After a while she and her man lie on their backs, hips together so she can jerk both cocks. As their pleasure rises, they grab their own boners and jack off. Finally he spills his jism on her hand and more


Anal Academy

Kenzie Taylor, Penny Pax, Jane Wilde

01:23:49 minutes | June 26, 2020

Description: Penny Pax and Jane Wilde are attending Kenzie Taylors Anal Academy. They sit at their desks in class, ready for their final anal exam. Before Professor Taylor shows up, the two have some nasty words with each other about who is the bigger slut on campus. Kenzie enters the room and yells at the girls to stop bickering at each other. The exam begins and Kenzie tells them to get on their knees in front of her and take her panties down only using their mouths. Kenzie tells them to lick her asshole and she judges who can do it better. Penny licks Kenzies ass with the full length of her tongue while Jane watches, impatiently waiting her turn to tongue Kenzies hole. Kenzie tells Jane to get on her desk and Jane quickly lays down on the desk and Kenzie sits on her face, smothering her nose and mouth with her asshole. Penny and Jane both lick her asshole while Kenzie uses an Hitachi on her clit and cums hard on their faces. Next, Penny gets bent over the school desk and Kenzie gets a big metal toy and pops it in and out of Pennys asshole while Penny licks Janes ass. Jane, with her ass in the air, gets her ass filled with a clear acrylic toy, giving her big gapes. Kenzie puts matching purple butt plugs in each of their asses and face-fucks them with her strap-on until both butt-plugs come shooting out of their asses. They both get strap-on fucked in their asses deep and hard. After that, Kenzie gets huge gapes out of Janes ass with a gigantic acrylic toy and Penny tongue-fucks her gaping hole. Jane fucks Penny with the slink while Kenzie masturbates in front of them with a vibrator. Finally, Kenzie gets five fingers inside Jane and five inside Penny and they both cum hard and lick their juices off of their Professors more


Nightmare Nurse: Ella Hollywood Fucks Nurse Cherie DeVille

Cherie DeVille, Ella Hollywood

00:43:38 minutes | June 25, 2020

Description: Slutty nurse Cherie DeVille relishes every opportunity to torment her captive patients, particularly TS sex slave Ella Hollywood. Ella is strapped to a bed with leather medical restraints 24/7. Cherie spends her days abusing her bound whore-toy all the while pretending shes giving her the care she needs. Ella is repeatedly humiliated and coerced with barbaric procedures to make her feel helpless. Cherie slowly and methodically clips Ellas hair making what was once pristine and beautiful, distorted and hideous. Instead of feeding her, Cherie smears scalding hot-sauce all over the red ball gag that is leveraged into Ellas mouth. Cherie squeals with delight as Ellas entire body convulses and winces with pain as her toes and feet are abused with brutal bastinado. Cherie is so enthralled by the process of hurting her prisoner that she sadistically convinces the resident doctor to keep Ella locked up for extended long term care. But it is all a rouse. After giving Ella her daily sponge bath of freezing water with a putrid rag, Cherie makes the mistake of temporarily releasing one of Ellas arms for her shackles. While Cherie is not looking she snatches a key and hides it in her mouth. As soon as Cherie leaves the room Ella releases herself and jumps Cherie, quickly overwhelming her and tying her to a bed. Now the tables are turned and Ella wastes no time seeking her long-awaited revenge. She starts by stripping Cherie naked and then abusing her body with electrocution play. Using a violet wand, Ella shocks and probes every inch of Cheries helpless and exposed body, especially her perky and erect nipples and her greedy cunt hole. Tired of listening to Cheries pathetic cries for mercy, Ella jams her massive cock into Cheries mouth, making her gag and drool from the rough blow job and face fucking. Cherie is overwhelmed by Ellas dick and deep throats it and spews spit all over her giant tits. Ella then tosses Cherie onto the bed and begins to fuck her tight pink pussy with reckless abandon. Cheries eyes roll back as her toned and perfect ass gyrates from the hammering. She begs to taste Ellas cum and her wish comes true Ella spews it all over her face and ass. Panting and thinking that her punishment is over, Cherie asks Ella if she will be let go. Ella laughs and tells Cherie, "Youre not going ANYWHERE."read more


Anal Alimony

Tommy Pistol, Penny Pax

01:05:30 minutes | June 25, 2020

Description: When Penny refuses Tommys attempts to reconcile their failed marriage, she is drawn into a trap of captivity, sex and Tommys obsessive quest to re-kindle their love. Mr Pistol believes he and Penny are to be together forever and he thinks he can fix what went wrong with their marriage. So naturally he puts pretty Penny in a choke hold, ties her up to a wooden cross and gives her a deep throat sloppy face fucking to remind her what she is missing. Pennys big natural tits glisten with spit and slobber as Tommys hard dick pounds her wet mouth hole. Tommy ties the Hitachi to Pennys pussy and drives her crazy with buzzy vibrations while he simultaneously disciplines her with the crop and sucks her sensitive nipples. Next Penny is tied up tight on all fours with her back arched and both holes exposed ready for action. A little bit o flogging, caning, cock sucking and then Tommy fucks his ex-wifes puffy pussy deep and hard making her moan with pleasure. Then just like old times Tommy drives his cock into Pennys tight ass and fucks her out and she is loving it. He lets Penny taste her ass by stuffing his dick in her mouth and then he fucks her some more. Finally we find Penny on her back in full rope bondage with her legs spread wide and her slutty holes begging for attention. Tommy punishes her with the flogger then fucks her pussy and ass back and forth while he vibes her clit until she is out of her mind in ecstasy. She cums hard and begs for Tommys hot load which he pops all over her fucked out pussy. Ahh, relationship all fixed--together forever!read more