No condoms. No rules. Everybody cums.

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Signed Up To Get Plowed

Trixie Banks

00:10:09 minutes | May 10, 2022

Oh, hi there... you’re just in time for your private... your girlfriend let me in on all the hilarious details... uh, she IS still your girlfriend, right? I mean she came in and signed you up with a big hunky guy... they couldn’t stop laughing as they told me what kind of class you REALLY NEEDED! I see, well... she told me your not gay but apparently you BEGGED HER to turn you into a humiliated fuckdoll. Now I know you don’t like butt stuff yet... but I promise... after the 1000th Dildo thrust you’ll be gay. Totally addicted to getting your gay fuck hole stuffed. Oh, I think you’re cuming now... oh I think we hit a thousand... uh oh... someone’s a loving fuck hole... that’s right... your a gay whore now!read more


Mesmerized to Be Bisexual

Nina Crowne

00:12:34 minutes | May 09, 2022

All you need to do is relax and listen to your goddess’s voice. I encourage you to get hard for me, look into my eyes, and do exactly as I say. When you’re sufficiently relaxed, I lead you through a fantasy while you stroke for me. First, I have you imagine the best cock you’ve ever seen in porn. I know it comes to mind easily–hard and throbbing, so ready to fuck. Then I want you to imagine yourself kneeling in front of it. I think bi men are very sexy, and I know you’d do anything to please me, so I want you to jerk off while fantasizing about sucking that perfect dick. I guide you through the fantasy exactly as I see it happening, ending with you swallowing down his cum. Try to deny it all you want, but I know this fantasy will make you orgasm so hard…just give into the more


Girlfriends MMF Threesome Fantasy

Nina Crowne

00:10:44 minutes | May 09, 2022

Your girlfriend has a fantasy she would like to explore with you…she’d love to have a MMF threesome. Not just any kind of MMF threesome, though, she wants you to pleasure the other guy with her. At first you’re a little hesitant, but you’re open to hearing her fantasy. She brings out a dildo and instructs you to stroke while she has you suck and play with it, pretending that it’s an actual cock. Wouldn’t it be fun to suck a dick with her? Maybe even try to deepthroat it? And wouldn’t it feel amazing to fuck her while another guy fucks her too so that you can feel his hard cock through the thin wall between her pussy and ass? She dirty talks about these things and more while you stroke and cum for her. Maybe she’ll even start looking for guys to come over tonight…read more


Sissy Affirmation Therapy-Fantasy

Princess Camryn

00:11:11 minutes | May 08, 2022

So, you want to stop wearing panties. You identify with being straight, heterosexual so these desires to be feminized can be confusing. I want you to spend time exploring these fantasies so that you can unearth what’s under all of that fear. I instructed you to wear your panties to this session so that you can experience this in a safe space. Let go and see how it feels to just fall into feminzation. Good girls wear panties. I want you to say out loud “I want to be a good girl." Don’t be nervous, it’s okay. Just admit it. You cum hardest when you’re wearing panties and moaning like a bitch so obviously you want this. Going forward, I want you to wear panties more often, when your girlfriend isn’t home for instance. And don’t stop at just the panties. Add a bra and skirt to your sissy uniform, clean the house in panties, edge to sissy encouragement videos. I’ll be doing panty inspections to be sure you comply. Don’t be scared of your sissy fantasies, embrace them! You should start plugging up your ass too, actually. This might come as a shock, but as a good girl you’re SUPPOSED to be pantied and plugged. It’s mandatory. Admit it, say "I'm a sissy and sissies get filled." Good more


Whoring Out The Sissy Bimbo

Queen Carmella

00:09:17 minutes | May 08, 2022

There are just certain things that certain individuals are born to do. Your place as a bimbo, as we've discovered is being sissified to make step-mommy richer. Of course you're going to be the biggest slut in the world so that I make lots of profit off of your mouth and ass. my little blowjob and sex star! I l know a sissy slut like you craves to take all of the biggest alpha cocks. Which is why you are so perfect for this job. Your true calling in life! Not only do you make step-mommy happy when you crawl to her in your cute little outfit with her cash, but you deeply enjoy this profession and you are so grateful for my guidance and training in pimping you out and making you the ultimate whore for my benefit!read more


Snap and middle finger intox game

Goddess Natalie

00:12:25 minutes | May 08, 2022

Hi there my little addict, today I want you to put that bottle of p.o.p.p.e.r.s to good use, so you're gonna go ahead and grab it for me and make sure you wear that nice sissy outfit I asked you to wear for me last time a cute bra with your plastic boobs, a tight little thong, a wig and make up...feel free to add heels and stockings to the outfit to impress me. Now, before we get started, I want you to send me a picture of that slutty outfit you're wearing right now, get your vibrator or magic wand (you can use your fingers if you don't have one yet, but make sure you change this situation until next time), then click play. We're gonna play a super exciting little game today every time I will snap my fingers you will have to do something for me. And to make it a little more interesting, every time I'm going to give you the middle finger, you're gonna be doing something else for me. What will you have to do each time? Well, I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise for you, but I'm sure you already have an idea of what's gonna be happening. You know the drill, the only way to find out is to pay and click play! Now get to it, little sissy!read more


Pimped At The PromCruel Brats

Cruel Brats

00:09:23 minutes | May 08, 2022

So many of my hot girlfriends will be going to the prom with their jock boyfriends – they’re all expecting to get lucky but there’s no way my girlfriends will be fucking college boys in the bathrooms. They have no idea – but they’re all looking at a night of jerking off to porn – just like you do. Unless… my girlfriends and I thought if we just totally feminized some beta wimp like you – we could whore you out to the jocks and make ourselves a fat profit. Everyone will be happy – we’d make a fortune, the boys get to fuck a slut at the prom and you lose your virginity!read more


Evil Sister Shrinks Your Dick

Penny Barber

00:12:47 minutes | May 08, 2022

I know you have been playing around in my room, little brother. Did you think I would not notice all those missing bras and panties? I definitely did, but I wonder if you have you noticed any personal changes of your own lately. Maybe certain parts of your body getting softer and certain other parts getting... smaller? HA! I have been slipping a little special something into your system that will make all those stolen panties fit much better. Your butt is going to be getting fatter but that bulge is going to be getting even tiner. Do you still have a crush on your big sister even though I made your dick so little?read more


Sissy Ass Training

Lady Lillian

00:11:15 minutes | May 08, 2022

Someone was a very bad boy today. Someone needs to be punished. Do you know who the bad boy is? It’s you.You know I can do whatever I want with you. And that’s why I’m taking your ass today. It’s time for your first training. I’ll teach you how to put butt plug in your dirty, horny ass, bitchread more